Starting from a carpentry background, I went on to graduate from Reading University with a first-class honours degree in Building Surveying and being chartered into the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 1997. I was awarded the Fellowship in 2010 for the research and publication of my book "Residential Building Defects".

As a Senior Building Surveyor and board member of the RICS I am often called to Chair local institution events and give lectures in my specialism of defects in period properties. I believe that independence, integrity and local expert knowledge are vital when selecting experts on your home buying journey. I have created a network of trusted and capable craftsmen and property professionals that can offer you unparalleled expertise and service.


Published by the RICS this book explains residential defects in chronological order in the history of domestic construction. Mainly used by practicing surveyors and graduates it is considered essential reading in the assessment of building defects.


The ultimate guide to understanding the history of domestic construction in the past 500 years. From Georgian gems to thatched cottages, this clever and colourful map sets out all the key materials and architectural styles ever used in the UK in their correct historical context for you to see and understand.

The Timeline places all the key building elements such as roofs, windows, walls and chimneys with the key building materials such as brick, timber, glass and paint so that you can clearly see what materials were used and when. By referring to this chart you will be able to quickly spot a gem from a fake, estimate the age of a property, be aware of hazardous materials and avoid many common and often expensive restoration faux pas.

Architectural Timeline

Geoffrey Hunt Building Surveying Services Ltd are the publishers of the Architectural Timeline. This timeline map not only guides you through the history of buildings, it acts as a navigator for the history of building materials through various reigns, acts of parliament and events that shaped history. The timeline helps surveyors, architects and graduates date a building and associate defects to various eras. It is a useful tool to guide you if you are looking for period properties or undertaking restoration projects.

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Timeline Flip Book

A convenient way you keep your timeline with you for quick reference is the timeline flip book. This allows you to cross reference all the major construction elements through time.

The Architectural timeline connects the history of building materials used in the UK from the 14th century to the present day and includes: The impact of acts and events on building materials and techniques, history of homes, styles of houses, decorating colours in particular periods, history of concrete, history of paint, history of masonry, history of brick, history of asbestos, history of services.