I provide a range of surveying services to suit a range of building types and requirements from clients. These are all based on RICS guidance and can provide services that surpass standard surveys available in the market place. I ensure that anyone wanting to find out everything there is to know about a house can come to me for the answer. I have researched and worked with a number of specialists to ensure I can provide reliable, consistent information at reasonable cost and good value.

Types of Survey

Modern Building Survey

Based on the Level 2 Homebuyer RICS survey, this survey checks everything and points out all the defects. This is ideal for newer homes built after 1960 where we don’t expect to find problems but you need peace of mind there is nothing serious. The additional benefit of this survey, as opposed to a standard Homebuyer survey, is that any defects found are fully explained to you. This allows you to benefit from my expertise without having to reinstruct or pay for return visits. Unlike standard products available, I liaise with your solicitor and answer any questions you or they have. This makes for a superior product that many home buyers value.

Comprehensive Survey Package

This is based on the RICS Level 3 level of detail but is packaged as a scope of options most clients select and value. This is a convenient way to get the answers most people need in a single pre-selected and easy to understand package, however, there are still ways that you can enhance your survey further by choosing some optional extras such as project advice or a visual inspection from a qualified electrician. This survey is ideal for older and more complicated properties where you need a detailed explanation of defects with costs.

Build Your Own Survey

This service is ideal for project homes or properties that have specific issues that you need detailed guidance on. You can control every aspect of the survey for yourself, focussing only on the things that concern you most, saving you money on the cost of the survey. Clients find this service particularly valuable as they can elect to omit areas they are confident they can assess themselves. If you have a project house you intend to refurbish the survey can be tailored to focus on those parts you feel hold the greatest risk and you can receive advice on your renovation plans for the house. I can provide insight into how well your proposals fit into the structure and give advice on typical project costs.

Site Visits & Single Defect Reports

This service is designed to get you answers quickly and to get you focused on the right track. You can book me to come to your home to review a problem and give you initial advice. This can range from damp to cracks in walls. If you want to go on to receive a full report I can provide a single defect report. This can either be in bullet points or to fully compliant expert witness report standard. Clients with more experience in property use me as a first opinion on project homes and buy to let purchases.

Fact Sheets


  • Retention

    Monies held back from an advance pending completion of building work to the property.

  • RICS

    The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The professional body of Surveyors whose Royal Charter is to promote the usefulness of the profession for the public advantage in the UK and in other parts of the world. Only “chartered surveyors” are in the RICS. The RICS sets the guidance for three levels of Residential Building surveys.

  • RICS Condition Survey

    A brief explanation of the property and why it is valued at the sum assessed. Mainly undertake by an RICS associated surveyor.

  • RICS Homebuyers Survey

    A template based survey with standard text to help highlight defects and expand on any valuation. Includes a valuation but may not expand on defects. Good for newer homes where you don’t expect problems.

  • RICS Residential Building Survey

    This is the most detailed survey. You can discuss the contents of it with your surveyor who will guide you through the services they can provide. Usually undertaken by Chartered Building surveyors, Chartered conservation surveyors or Chartered Valuation surveyor.